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Date Posted:11-20-2010 9:27 PMCopy HTML

What fed to you want to join: SEF

"The Vampiric Bitch"


Height / Weight

Little Rock,Arkansas

Theme Music
Cold by Static-X

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
Decapitator - Top Rope Spinning Heel Kick

Trademark Moves 
Hell's Gate

Wrestling Style
Combo of Undertaker and Kane

Will write this later

Favorite Quote(s)
Beware of the Shadows, Stay away from the light,Beware of Midnight

Favorite Weapon(s)
Barbed Wire Black Basball Bat

Favorite Match(s)
Death Matches,Buried Alive, Inferno,Hell in a Cell,Hangman's Horror,Blood Manor Massacre(Her speciality)

SEF Accomplishments
put down what you accomplished in SEF and if ya don't remember I will edit the profile and add it

Indy Accomplishments
She has done it all. She is a Legend

See Picture

Ring Entrance
The lights dim to barely any at all as the music of Static-X plays the song"'Cold". A hooded female standing 6'1 comes slowly out from beyond the curtains and jut stands there,atop the rampway. She slowly walks down as the fans cheer for her knowing she is the most hated in all of wrestling. She gets near the ring and slides all the way in. She stands there as she is announced.

"Ladies and Gentlemen...weighing in at 200 pounds, she is the vampiric bitch and the legend herself, MIDNIGHT!"

She removes the hood off her face and reveals her true form. She then grins in a sickening manner, her fangs glistening in the bright lights of the arena. She then goes on the attack as the bell rings.

Midnight is a no nonsense royal bitch. She is always a serious minded woman. Which means she rarely is shown having any humor to her. She is sarcastic in nature and pissing her off is not the thing to do as she is very revengeful. Soif you reply and play off her, make sure you remember she won't conversate with you. She lets her actions do the talking.
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