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Live Off Camera Character Promos

Anything goes on this board and any advanced member may post here. You can use this board for storage, playing games, shooting the shit, or whatever else ya can think of, even roleplaying or ya may even do in character events for writers eyes only. Be sure to keep ooc talk separate from character promos by using #OOC when conversing out of character. This place will also serve as the office for all characters to contact any member of management with any inquiry that needs to be addressed more privately.

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Topic:My Time (Dean Moxley)

Posted by: Chris_Jericho

05-25-2018 9:55 AM

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News Desk @ The SEF Office

The place to post your character stats for those wanting to be booked on of our shows, so find the Character Stats Form at the top of this board and fill it out in a new topic. Also the place to find any news and updates.

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Topic:Seth Moxley

Posted by: Chris_Jericho

04-02-2018 12:59 AM

What's going on here?
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