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Date Posted:11-28-2010 2:15 AMCopy HTML

At Violent Conduct Whitney Marret and Julie will square off for the first time ever in an Iron Woman match with no disqualifications or count outs and no interference! Whitney will return to the ring before that in two nights this Monday on Extreme when she teams with her husband Shane Mack to battle Rick Reynolds and Thor of the Dangerous Corporation. We’ll see much more action, plus Shady Smack is in the house, so for that card click here and a week from Monday we’ll be hosting Extreme in Milwaukee Wisconsin before we tour through Michigan. Julie defends her International Title against Matlock, plus we see Knox O’Bannon fight for his career against the legendary Viper in a Dog Collar match! More for that show can be found here and check out the card for Violent Impact here and also be sure to check out last Monday’s Extreme. We saw a scaffolding match added as a stip to the main event, plus Corez showed his true colors in the six person tag between the DC and IX. To see it all click here

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