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Date Posted:03-30-2011 9:16 PMCopy HTML

According to HOF inductee Road Warrior Animal, WWE is looking to Tampa, Fl as a possible location for a physical hall of fame.

Tampa is currently the home of Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE's developmental organization.

Animal told The Score in Canada: "WWE is looking at a big building in Tampa. I'm gonna donate some of my gear there - maybe some of my spiked-shoulder pads will go in the Hall. They're getting stuff from everybody. And it's gonna be an attraction - some place where fans can go. It's gonna be like the Pro Football Hall of Fame."

He also talked about going in himself. He said, "Well you know how it is. Jealousy is the greatest equalizer (in our business) sometimes. Guys who don't get invited to's just jealousy. You look at the path people take in this business, and I knew it was going to be sooner-or-later."

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