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Date Posted:01-07-2013 6:50 AMCopy HTML


Timothy "Tim" Stone

-Sept 11, 1965


-232 lbs.

-Scarsdale, New York

Finishing Move

Trademark Moves

Wrestling Style

Pro Debut

-Tim, born Timothy Stone in Scarsdale, New York, where he made his living as a photographer at various wrestling promotion events.  With some smooth talking, he quickly became an asset to various companies as a "lead photographer" that was allowed to take pictures not just on-camera but off-camera as well.  Being one who always wanted to help, his opportunity came as he was in the middle of a photo shoot when he overheard that an announcer wouldn't be able to make it to the event.  Instead of the company finding a replacement, Tim spoke up and with his credibility with the company already, he was given the chance and put down his camera.  The rest as they say, is history.

With the new title of "announcer', Tim was now seen worldwide and soon found himself physically involved in matches as a "plant".  Seeing and hearing the reaction from the crowds, mangement felt it was only right to have Tim interact and so began his slow transition into a "mouthpiece"/manager for the companies employees.  Years went by and while he made millions and had great success, he wanted more and soon asked for his release and while reluctant, he was granted and moved back to his Scarsdale home.

While at home, the "wrestling bug" was slowly biting him and he wanted to get back into the business.  His reason for leaving was because of travel, so Tim managed to find a venue and buy his own company.  While the company was small, they had a following of true die-hard fans and they took to Tim's new face quickly.  After some time with Tim on-board, he quickly took the company to becoming a contender with the companies in which he had worked for previously.  It wasn't until one company decided to buy out their "competition" that Tim decided to take a step back from the "sport" and "entertainment" of professional wrestling.

During his time away from the wrestling business, Tim began accomplishing other ventures such as building his own Sirius radio program, The Hustle (also found on YouTube), and becoming an author.  It had been some time until various fans began asking Tim if he would return to the wrestling industry and after much thought, he gave the answer that they were looking for when he said "YES".  The next question was as to what company he would sign with and his only reply was that it was "a company on the Aimoo Network".  After various talks with companies on the Aimoo Network, also called "The Network", the price was right for the company called SEF (Showstoppa's Extreme Federation).  After talking with Mr. Victor "Viper" Vladimir, it became official in the early morning of January 7th, 2013 that Tim would become an official contracted member of SEF as the role of a "manager".  SEF Management decided on March 7th, 2015 to give Tim Stone the control of their bi-weekly Friday live show, Showstoppa, that airs over The Aimoo Network (TheNetwork).

-Owner of Stone Inc.

-Showstoppa General Manager

Favorite Weapon(s)
-Baseball bat

Favorite Quote(s)

Favorite Match(s)

-Varies but will be written in role play

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