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Date Posted:06-29-2013 12:42 AMCopy HTML

Taylor is working both Xtreme and Carnage

Taylor Nina Andrews
"Golden Gal"

January 18th, 1991

Height / Weight
5'8" / 135lbs.

Sacramento, California

Pro Debut
February 2010

Finishing Move
T & A
(STO into a Front Face Dagon Sleeper with Body Scissors)

Trademark Moves
Fujiwara Armbar, Headscissors, Bow & Arrow, Triangle Choke, Figure Four Leg Lock, Koji Clutch, Cloverleaf, Rear Naked Choke Drop, Moonsault, Hurricanrana, Dropkick, Superplex, Suicide Dive, Senton Bomb, Snap Suplex, Mexican Suplex Pin, Superkick

Wrestling Style
Highflyer / Technical

Graduated the spring of '09 from high school and partied a little over the summer, then made a desicion to train for what she grew up loving to watch, wrestling. Her parents, especially her mom, obviously was typically against it. Both did help her at first, financially, which she now is wanting to payback. She tried out and wanted more, so she trained from September of '09 to January 2010. Been looking for a company to have her debut in and EF'NW looks to be it, so its time to show everyone a little bit of real T & A! Her real, full name, is Taylor Nina Andrews, however, she always joked that she was the real T & A and became Tina to her friends, a name that stuck and so now she is wrestling under it as it fits her, it is her. Took a leave of absence and showed back up claiming to be Julie, but with permission, so she hung around Mack and company as a part of Impact X for a while, kind of had a relationship with fellow diva Jade Hart who later changed her name to Jayden Hartley, since everyone knew she wasn't really Jade Hart. Tina would end up leaving SEF due to outside problems and after dealing with them she decided to get more experience by working for MCW, but that was cancelled and instead Sacrifice was brought back as a second show for SEF and Tina now works as announcer for all shows and timekeeper. She would end up leaving her job at ringside and going back into the ring when Julie returned and the two became a bit of an item. Both would join up with Impact X to lead the fight against the DC bringing them down. Now Tina aims to rise high in SEF learning from the greatness around her in IX! After SEF had its troubles in early 2011 with going independent, Tina would push herself straight to the International Title capturing it in a five way free for all elimination, then hold it into 2012 where she is still with Impact X. Until turning on the group and her mentor Mack to form The Franchise with Rick Reynolds and J.G. Brooks. Tina lost her belt to Jason Stratus, but won it back two weeks later and continues to amaze! Though she lost the belt to Derek Helms and a rematch, she persisted to get on the card for Wrestle X and looks to dominate in SEF! Took the Hardcore Title in a 24/7 attack, then won the OCW Hardcore Title and SEF turned that one into the 24/7 Title. The SEF Hardcore Title would turn into a submissions only title defended in matches and Tina would lose the 24/7 Title, but end up regaining the now Interactive International Title for a third time.

Xtreme World Title, SEF II Title, SEF Icon Title, SEF Iron Title(4), SEF Internet Title, SEF Hardcore Title(2), SEF US Tag Team Title, OCW Hardcore Title/SEF 24/7 Title, SEF Ring Announcer, SEF Timekeeper

Favorite Quote(s)
"Time For Some Real T & A"

Favorite Weapon(s)
Her body, but will use anything

Favorite Match(s)
Submission, Iron Woman, Cage, Last Woman Standing, Ladder, TLC, Hardcore

Wears pink camo halter tops with tight faded blue jeans and strappy high heels. Sometimes a tight black skirt or even a loose dress coming down mid thigh. In the ring she sports basic black knee pads and lace up boots, white booty shorts with T & A in pink on the back and a white halter top outlined in pink. Usually she wears her hair tied back for a match, but down for announcing.
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