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Date Posted:12-20-2010 9:04 AMCopy HTML

Picture Used: David Tennant

Characters Name: Steve Weigel




Height / Weight
Six foot four and Two hundred and fifty five pounds

St Louis, Missouri 

Theme Music
Nelly "Just a Dream"

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
"The Flashback" (Sweet Chin Music)

Trademark Moves 
"The Weigel Slam" (Rock Bottom) "Lights Out" (Randy Orton's DDT in the ropes) "Broken Dreams" (STO)

Wrestling Style
He's a Randy Orton/ Hbk style wrestler....

Steve was the oldest of three kids. From a small age he knew he wanted to be a wrestler when his grandfather took him to watch his first match. When Steve was about ten years old his family died in a house fire. After that he went into a dark stage of his life. Growing up as a teenager he push everyone away. He debuted in NRA in 1999. Where he took on a dark role as a Vampire. Thats where he began to say in the end its always my suicide. His career at the start was bumpy. But he won his first title the next year. The Tough Enough Championship. Before he left NRA he was a three time Tough Enough Champion and a three time Pranksters Champion. As he moved on in his career in started to open up to the world and finally became a face. In UWA his dream had finally came true after ten years he became a World champion. Steve desided to retire with the belt and settle down. Thats when he married a beautiful young lady by the name of Pamela and had two kids. Cassandra and Connor Weigel. Now he has made up his mind to come back into the world of wrestle and hopefully pick up where he left off. But fate would not have that. Tho Weigel shot to the top in SEF, he came up short of winning his second world title against Shane Mack. Weigel went back into retirement to reflect on things in his life. He was going through a nasty divorce and things were getting to him. Now after a bit of time and getting his life back together he tries one last time to shake the world of wrestling. With his kids as support and his fans, he pushes on to make a better name for himself.
Favorite Quote(s)
"When you step into the ring with me I promise you a flashback that you will never forget."

"Time goes by to quick to sweat the little things, it's the big things that you should be worrying about."

"People come and go... seconds tick away... Minutes fly by... But dreams come once in a life time!"

Favorite Weapon(s)
Steel Chair

Favorite Match(s)

SEF Accomplishments
None Yet

Indy Accomplishments
Three Time NRA Tough Enough Champion, Three Time NRA Prankster's Champion, UWA World Champion

Out of ring he would dress like the actor does in doctor who, in ring no shirt wears a cross neckless that hangs down to his chest and black dress pants and black dress shoes.

Ring Entrance
The lights dim and the arena lights dim the arena a greenish color as Nelly's, Just a Dream starts to blare across the arena. Weigel steps out and fire works go off across the steel stage. Weigel raises he hands in the air, pointing one figure on each hand up to the sky. As the fire works stop Weigel begins to start walking down the ramp-way slapping hands along the way. He stops at the steel steps and smirks. He then sprits up the steel steps and goes under the second ropes and into the ring. As he enters the ring he hits his chest with his right fist and swings his arms out to the side turning in a circle. He walks over to a corner and leans up against it waiting on his challenger as his music fades off.

Coming Soon!

Team Name/Tag Team Partner(s)/Manager/Valet/Signifigant Other
None Yet!

Team Theme Music
None Yet!

Team Finisher
None Yet!

Team Bio
None yet!

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