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Date Posted:12-31-2010 11:25 PMCopy HTML


February 16th, 1984

Height / Weight
6' /

Detroit, Michigan

Theme Music
The Way I Am by Eminem

Pro Debut
May 28th, 2001

Finishing Move
(nails a Vertebreaker, then stands up and does a backflip on to opponent, gets to his feet and leaps up dropping both legs across opponents chest, rolls backwards and springs on them for the pin)

Trademark Moves
Ghetto Busta (Raven Effect), Asshole Cutta (Diamond Cutter), Gangsta Splash (Five Star Frog Splash), Detroit Driver (Van Terminator), Swanton Suicide (Swanton Bomb landed with a Leg Drop), Motor City Strangla (Dragon Sleeper), Lockdown (Ankle Lock), 450 Splash, Shooting Star Leg Drop, Superkick, Hurricanrana, Lionsault, Somersault Senton Plancha, Spinning Leg Drop Off Apron, Twisting Moonsault, Asia Moonsault, Suicide Dive To Floor, Corkscrew Body Press, Spinning Kick, Snap Suplex, Front Dropkick, STF, Mexican Surfboard, Texas Cloverleaf

Wrestling Style
Highflyer/Hardcore/Martial-Arts; Xanthus will take every risk in the book and fight out till He is damn near dead. He is skilled in mat wrestling, but not great at it, learned martial arts, so he uses a lot of kicks and knows all the self disciplince and whatever, plus he can take a lot of pain. Obviously due to his size he is not much a brawler, but is in a way as he fights with nothing to lose. His main skill lies in being able to fly higher than anyone and prides himself on doing so. Plus, he loves to fight in hardcore matches and as a result of being small uses his body to put down his opponent or at least try. He also hates tapping out, but hey, everyone does, just it rare for X to do it, real rare as he has never done so anywhere, ever!

give a brief history of your character, past feds they were in, detail it back to birth and through childhood, give whatever ya want or nothing at all, its optional

Favorite Quotes
"The Premiere Highflyer Has Arrived"
"This Ghetto Gangsta Will Bust You Up"
"I'm Rated XXX"
"I Am The Real Fucking Deal, The Original No Gimmick Needed"
"No Care, No Gimmick"

Favorite Weapons
Ballbat, Chain, Steel Chair

Favorite Match(s)
Hardcore, Ladder

SEF Accomplishments
XCW CEO, Commissioner, DOGG Commissioner, Triple Crown Winner, World Title, XCW Title, DOGG Title(2), Underground Title,
IC Title(3), World Tag Title(8), NA Title(3), Hardcore Title(11),Cruiserweight Title(2), King of SEF Title, King of SEF Winner(2005), Tag Team Of The Year(2009)

Indy Accomplishments
NRA Prankster Title, SKCW OverDrive! Superstar Of The Week

Out of the ring Xanthus can be seen wearing addias windbreakers or faded blue jeans,
sneakers, a t-shirt with and without prints or muscle shirts, bandanas or sun visors, and a green army jacket. As for his ring attire, he wears a pair of black baggy shorts that come past his knees and have a green X on either side. He has lace up black boots and usually wears a t-shirt to the ring and sometimes when he wrestles. He sports black kneepads and his right side is usually wrapped with extra padding. Tapes his wrists with a green X on the back of the black tape and has black elbow pads.

Ring Entrance
THE WAY I AM hits the pa and the first few lines are heard before we see Xanthus come out on stage pumping his fists in the air. He jumps around somewhat, flips the middle finger, does crotch chops, flashes thug symbols in a mocking manner and just taunts like an asshole while Doug introduces him.

Making his way to the ring from Detroit Michigan, he weighs in at two hundred five pounds.......Xanthus!

Once he gets to the ring X just rolls in under the bottom rope and gets to his feet, looks at the crowd with a smirk, then grabs his nuts and follows with a crotch chop as his music fades.

Both ears pierced once; Several tattoos on his body, various stuff he has gotten, some for no reason at all, some in tribute to ol’ friends.
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