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Date Posted:04-06-2013 6:41 AMCopy HTML

[u][b]Pedro Sanchez[/b][/u]

[b]May 25, 1977[/b]


[b]239 lbs.[/b]

San Luis Potosí, Mexico[/b]

[u]Finishing Move[/u]
[b]Cross arm breaker (submission)[/b]
[b]F2K (Face-2-knees)*pinfall*[/b]

[u]Trademark Moves[/u]
[b]Double knee arm breaker[/b]
[b]Fireman's carry double knee gut buster [/b]
[b]Step-up enzuigiri[/b]
[b]Suicide dive[/b]

[u]Wrestling Style[/u]
[b]Amateur wrestling[/b]
[b]Greco Roman[/b]
[b]High Flyer[/b]
[b]Luchador/Lucha Libre[/b]
[b]Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)[/b]

[u]Pro Debut[/u]

[b]Pedro Alberto Sanchez was born in San Lui Potosi, Mexico on May 25, 1977.  After graduating with a degree in architecture, Pedro loved the style of professional wrestling.  In Mexico, wrestling was a huge part of their culture and so he quickly began training with a company called
Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) (Spanish for "Assistance, Consulting, and Administration").  Winning numerous championships and titles in several divisions, Pedro began traveling the country wrestling and eventually ended up winning a medal in the Olympics while running track for his school.  His father, a wrestling legend in Mexico, began taking Pedro under his wing and showed him the ropes as he began to earn his dues training and working behind the scenes at various events.  It wasn't until a competitor was injured and the company needed a replacement that Pedro got his big break.  With his father's blessing, Pedro went out and performed his first live television match.  The outcome saw him lose but the thrill was worth it.

As time went on, Pedro wanted more and soon found himself moving to the States and to Tampa, Florida where he now resides.  Lining himself with various trainers that were used to working with professional athletes and wrestlers, Pedro soon began to bulk his body up and became appeasing to promoters.  With not just his talents in the ring and his microphone skills in both English and Spanish, Pedro began to have companies after him in effort to sign with them.  Not wanting to get away from his roots, Pedro soon began scouting various promotions and soon ran across TheNetwork (Aimoo) and the company Sports Entertainment Federation (SEF).  After sitting in during an event, he knew that this would be a place that he could see himself.  So after talking with SEF management and putting ink to paper, it was signed that Pedro Alberto Sanchez was now an official contracted employee to the Sports Entertainment Federation (SEF) company.[/b]


[u]Favorite Weapon(s)[/u]
[b]Kendo Stick[/b]
[b]Steel Chair[/b]
[b]Steel Pipe[/b]

[u]Favorite Quote(s)[/u]

[u]Favorite Match(s)[/u]
[b]Amateur wrestling[/b]

[b]Personal Wear: Dressy [/b]
[b]Ring Wear::
Always wears a scarf to the ring around his neck, varies in color but usually matches his tights and boots. Medium sized wrestling boots, varied in color. Tights vary in color but with the letter "A" in respect to the company in which gave him his start AAA in Mexico. [/b]

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