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Date Posted:04-16-2011 12:10 AMCopy HTML

"The Devil's Saint"
Nikky Venom

June 28th, 1986
Height / Weight

Detroit, Michigan

Theme Music
Kick Start My Heart by Motley Crue

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
Motor City Massacre (Corkscrew 630 Splash)

Trademark Moves 
World Wide Homicide (Hammerlock STO)

Wrestling Style
Brawler/Speed hybrid

give a brief history of your character, past feds they were in, detail it back to birth and through childhood, give whatever ya want or nothing at all, its optional

Favorite Quote(s)
Vicariously, I live while the whole world dies

Favorite Weapon(s)
Baseball Bat

Favorite Match(s)
Cage of Doom

SEF Accomplishments
International Champion
Tag Team Champion

Indy Accomplishments
any title your character won outside of SEF, optional of course

SEFZONE Merchandise
any shirt, headwear, or other merchandise for your character

Black hair with blue eyes. He wears black tights with grey tribal designs down them. At the knee there is a generic spider that is red. He has black wrist tape going up his arm starting at the left wrist. On the right arm he has wrist tape on his wrist and fingers. His arms are covered in tattoos and there is also on on the back of his neck that connect the two arm tattoos. Nikky has an eyebrow peircing on his left eye, a lip ring that is on the right side of his mouth. Three piercings on the top of his left ear and four on the right. He usually wears black eye liner and a silver chain around his neck; the chain has a cross on it. During his entrance he wears a black tenchcoat with a monotone eye on the back with his name going through it.

Ring Entrance
The openning chords of Kick Start My Heart hit the PA in the darkened arena and the crowd becomes alive from their previously silent state. 23 seconds into the song Nikky comes out and stops on the stage. The lights Flash on as Nikky enters the stage and flash silver, blue, purple, and gold. Nikky lowers his head and pops his arms out (PPV only: pyro goes off on the titantron). Nikky walks down the ramp and stops at the ring area. He jumps in place before rinning and sliding in the ring. He goes to the middle of the ring and does the same taunt as before. Nikky heads for the corner and waits for his opponent.
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