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Date Posted:11-27-2015 5:09 AMCopy HTML

Character Name
Mr. G
October 28th

New Mexico
Theme Music

Mr G became a top level executive with a base of operations out of New Mexico where he also resides in his house. He takes over businesses, but also spends time trying to develop new ideas and incorporate his own touch to the companies under his command. Mr G is coming to SEF to do the same and is known to be successful as he has made a lot of money from businesses that are prospering across the globe. He is a billionaire with most of his money coming from computer hardware, but also develops some software, mostly to operate his machines. Very into the space race as well with a business involved in rockets to carry out missions in deep space, Mr G hopes to extend beyond anyone's imagination as to what lies in the universe. But as for the SEF universe, we will have to wait and see what he is bringing to this wrestling business!?!

Always seen behind a desk wearing a suit and tie as the executive he is and conducts many different types of business with SEF being one of them.

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