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Date Posted:05-23-2011 10:09 PMCopy HTML

Mr Wallstreet
"The New Wrestling God"


Height / Weight
6'6"/265 Pounds

New York City

Theme Music
"Night Star Hel" by Danzig

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
The Gold Rush
(Clothesline from hell) 

Trademark Moves
Bankrupt{Running Reverse Powerslam}

Stock Market Crash{Cradle Piledriver}

Wrestling Style

Took under John Bradshaws wing Mr Wallstreet was passed the torch of being wrestlings high power money competitor. He was taught everything about wrestling by John Layfield.. With money and talent he will by hook or crook make his way to the top of FWAR.

Favorite Quote(s)
You will bow to my feet and recognize me as your wrestling GOD!"

Favorite Weapon(s)
 Brass Knuckles molded in the name Wallstreet

Favorite Match(s)
Texas Bull Rope Match,Hell In a cell,Last man standing

none yet

Black Taylor made suit with red tye

Ring Entrance
Stock market bells start to ring followed by Night Star Hel by Danzig.Mr Wallstreet arrives on stage in his solid black limo. The driver comes to  a stop as he gets out and opens wallstreets door. Mr wallstreet steps out dressed in black and takes his cowboy hat off and holds his arms high in the longhorns taunt .
He begins his walk to the ring as he is booed by all.He climbs through the ropes and awaits his opponent


Much like JBL his mentor,Mr Wallstreet desires power overall.His goal is to rule this company one day as champion.

Team Name/Tag Team Partner(s)/Manager/Valet/Signifigant Other
Coming soon"The Cabinet"

Team Theme Music
Stockmarket bells followed by Love cant buy you money By Motorhead

Team Finisher
The Gold Mine"Power Bomb neckbreaker combo"

Team Bio

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