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Date Posted:11-20-2010 9:17 PMCopy HTML

Maegan Fox

June 8th, 1985

Height / Weight
5'7" /

Dallas, Texas

Theme Music
Anxiety by Black Eyed Peas

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
Fighting Fox
(Full Nelson Slam into Inverted Dragon Sleeper)

Trademark Moves
Forever Fox (Crippler Crossface), Fox Fire (three german suplexes and a koji clutch), Phantom Fate (Omoplata), Chick Kick, Heart breaker (sitdown face slam), Suicide Blond (lionsault), Stratusfaction Bulldog, baseball slide, Senton Bomb, Moonsault, European Uppercut, handspring back elbow, standing huricanrana, poetry in motion, Over & Out, (diving plancha leg drop over the top rope), Diving headbutt,Tope atomico (Slingshot senton), Droppin' The Dime (Springboard legdrop or diving legdrop bulldog), Corkscrew tope, Diving hurricarana from the ring apron to the outside, Backhand chop, High speed powerbomb, Tiger driver, Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Second rope tombstone piledriver, Snap suplex, Gutwrench suplex, Top rope gutwrench suplex, DragonSuplex, dragonscrew leg whip, Dragon DDT,
Ankle Lock, Black Knight (Texas Cloverleaf), Canadian Maple Leaf, Sharpshooter, Lasso From El Paso (Elevated Texas cloverleaf or Modified side figure four leglock), Calgary Cloverleaf (rivera clover leaf)

Wrestling Style
Technical Striker

Maegan is the daughter of the late masked indy wrestler Styxx also known as Christopher Fox.  She is the twin sister of "Masterful" Matt Fox and the wife of the "The Phantom" Ash Silva.  She trained with a lot of great wrestlers including The Hart Brothers, Lance Storm's Wrestling Academy, and the Texas part of her family, Justin's parents, before training with Johnny Payne's family, including her cousin Gracie.  She started training at the age of 5 with her brother and Justin.  She started training in martial arts at the age of three.  Her passion was soccer and it led her to being a member of the Canadian Junior World Cup team and the Canadian National team and played in the Olympics. She attended Bishop Carroll for a couple years before joining the Canadian National team and had a private tutor.

Maegan is also the lead singer of a band called "The Jive Jeneration."

Favorite Matches
Iron Girl, Submission

Favorite Quotes
"Dime a dozen."
"It's not hating its dedication to being best."

Favorite Weapons
Singapore cane, Kama, Psis

SEF Accomplishments:

FFE Wildside tag Champs/2nd Dynasty Diva champs

She has a Phil and Lil Deville tat on her ankle, Ash on her ring finger, and a Canadian Maple leaf with the number 8 below her neck in between her shoulders. In the ring she wears
white short shorts with a canadian maple leaf and red sparkle top. Outside the ring she wears many different outfits a she tries to keep up with top fashion trends.

Ring Entrance

Ash Silva

Tag Team Name
Fighting Foxes

Tag Team Partner
Grace Payne & Sara Taylor-Fox

Team Theme Music
Lil Ms Dangerous by Ted Nugent

Stable Name:

The Kindred

Stable Theme:

I'm Not Afraid by Eminem

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