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Date Posted:12-13-2015 6:43 PMCopy HTML

Carnage 43 on 10/15 saw a solid show with Jake Voss beating the Icon Champ and Ruemash defending his Titan Title in a triple threat match. The main event fetaured a tag team match with Hick Janes and Tina facing Jordan Brooks and Hiroku Shinobi that turned brutal when the Bayou Brothers would intefere in what was llooking like a great match. Marijuana Man with a cryptic message to end the show after debuting a new finishing move. To see it all, CLICK HERE

Carnage 44 on 10/22 was cancelled.

SNS 7 & Wildside 7 on 10/24 went on with a successful edition of this show merger that would actually see thirteen episodes between the two events that would go on to be called Specialside. It was indeed a special night that got wild as we saw Barry show how determined he is to be here. Tina got crazy in and after the main event, plus more and you can see it all by CLICKING HERE

WAR 178 on 11/2 saw a huge shift in management when the show opened after The Mack decided to form a super stable of allies. We saw a new World Champion crowned and the near demise or takeover of the Renegades of Peace. Instead, the Renegades would grow in numbers after a merger with another group, plus we would see Mack replaced as minority Owner of SEF by a real BOMBSHELL, a golden one at that. All that and more happened on the return of WAR, so check it all out by CLICKING HERE

Carnage 45 on 11/5 was cancelled.

WAR 179 on 11/9 saw The Mack open the show against Bill Roberts in a classic match, then our new minority Owner of SEF would get involved in the Titan Title match and that isn't the only match they would get involved in. To see it all, CLICK HERE

Carnage 46 on 11/19 was cancelled.

WAR 180 on 11/30 kicked off with a message from the minority Owner of SEF who won't be back with us live until the night after the King of SEF pay per view where a huge announcement will be made. On this night we saw King of SEF qualifying matches with a crazy championship scramble for the Icon Title, so check it all out by CLICKING HERE

WAR 181 on 12/7 kicked off withmore King of SEF qualifying matches and ended with another crazy championship scramble, this week for the Titan Title. To see it all, CLICK HERE

Today is the King of SEF 2 PPV on 12/13 and we have all quarter finalists revealed and ready to fight their way into the semi finals which will be held tonight along with the final match to determine who the King of SEF will be. 7 matches in total and all for the King of SEF, so don't miss it live tonight right HERE

WAR 182 on 12/14 is going to set the stage for the Fallout of the King of SEF pay per view in the Rupp Arena in Lexington Kentucky.

SLUMS IS SEF 188 on 12/15 will feature a SEF World Title match and more, so check it all out by CLICKING HERE

SEF EXCES 366 on 12/23 will also feature a SEF World Title match, so will The Mack be able to retain his title on both EXCES and the SLUMS IS SEF, let alone just tonight!?!?!? To find out if he can and to see what else is set to happen tonight, CLICK HERE

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