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Date Posted:03-27-2011 11:51 PMCopy HTML

Character Name


Height / Weight


Theme Music
Assassins by ICP

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
Hatchet Attack - Hand Chop to the top of the skull

Trademark Moves 
Holding Chickenwing Submission
Spinning Sideslam Backbreaker
Torture Rack Faceplant

Wrestling Style

Will fill this out later.

Favorite Quote(s)
Wicked Clowns Never Die!/I Don't Give A Fuck!

Favorite Weapon(s)
Anything that is not tied down

Favorite Match(s)
Extreme or brutal matches

SEF Accomplishments
put down what you accomplished in SEF and if ya don't remember I will edit the profile and add it

Indy Accomplishments
JCW Tag titles w/Shaggy 2 Dope

See Picture

Ring Entrance
The commercial ends and Assassins by ICP blares through the PA system. Jynx comes out with her hatchet in her hand. She swings it in the air as she starts dancing around while coming down the ramp. She slides in the ring and swings her hatchet again and throws up the Wicked Clown sign with both her hands. 
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