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Date Posted:11-20-2010 9:21 PMCopy HTML

Justin Rodgers
October 31st, 1987

Height / Weight
6'7" /

Dallas, Texas

Theme Music
Prayer by Disturbed

Pro Debut
October 31st, 2003

Finishing Move
Fox Fire
(3 german suplexes with the third a release, then latches on the Koji Clutch)

Trademark Moves
JHR (Full Nelson Front face Slam Leg Lock), Forever Fox (Crippler Crossface), Dragon DDT, Anaconda Vice, Dragon Sleeper, Shining Wizard, Tornado Kick, Stiff Kick, Tiger Feint Kick, Spinning Back Fist, Savate Kick, Missile Dropkick, Running Sit Out Powerbomb, Crucifix Powerbomb, Dragon Screw Leg Whip, Dragon Bomb (Running Slingshot Sit Out Powerbomb), Jumping Belly To Belly Piledriver, Dragon Suplex, Tiger Suplex, European Uppercut, Aztec Suplex, Corkscrew Leg Drop,
Tiger feint Crucifix Armbar, Fujiwara Armbar, Ankle Lock, Gracie Choke

Wrestling Style

Justin's family has been involved in wrestling since before even his parents were born. His maternal grandfather Michael Fox competed in Europe, Mexico, Japan, Texas, California,
Canada, and trained briefly with Stu Hart in the Dungeon, his gimmick would be that of a British Blue Blood, (a gimmick that would be made famous by Michael's former tag partner William Regal).  His mother and uncle would also train, however his mother would not officially get to train in the dungeon as her father and older brother did.  She worked briefly as a valet for Sudden Impact (Lance Storm/Y2J) and they would train her to wrestle. She would later train with Mando Guerrerro and work EMLL as Foxy.  She would also train in the GAIA women's dojo in Japan among other places, but as the Huntress.  Her uncle as Styxx. Justin's father would be the last student Kerry Von Erich would ever train, his dad's adoptive father worked security for WCCW in his off time from being a Dallas police Detective. Justin began training with his uncle and cousins Matt & Maegan Fox as soon as he was old enough to walk.  At the age of 3 he started taking martial arts with his aunt Jennifer and uncle Phoenix Inoki (before his death).  He would later begin training his father and his friends, who all were trained by WCCW legends.  Justin would make his official in ring debut at the age of 16 in the Danger Zone Wrestling Alliance CW division.  In his debut match he would defeat Jet for the CW title.  He would retain this title, undefeated for 18 months.  He would win several more titles and join SEF having a heated rivalry with Corez over the romantic relationship between Corez and Justin's little sister, Dusty.The Rodgers & Fox families took a leave of absence due to the deaths of The Fox twins parents and baby brother CJ in a house fire that would only be only the begining of the drama for the Can AM Connection.  It would come to light that the fire was a cover for the fact that Ozzy Blackwood, a rival from British Stampede Wrestling alliance had murdered them all.  Fortunately for the family, 15 year old Gracie Fox had been spending the summer with her bff Aria Boudreaux whose family (Barry & Crystal) were vactioning in New Orleans. He would also learn that the little girl he had been raising wasn't his and so broke his engagement for the final time to Somoa Johnson.  He would go to Beijing Sports University where he mastered Changquan Kung Fu (Long Fist). Once ascending to the top of his class, he was admitted to the prestigious Shi Cha Hai sports academy before finding out that the school would not allow him to compete in PCWF Japan or Dragon's Gate.  PCWF Japan being left in the hands in both he and his cousin, Matt he would resign from the Academy.  During his time in Japan, he would begin dating sports model, Katana Matthews who had spent much of the time on the road with her father, another wrestler, and take care of her own baby sister.  The two would bond over shared tragic events and would share a transcontiental relationship before Katana moved to Tokyo to join him and would, shortly after her arrival marry in a Taoist ceremony. Justin and Katana recently returned to the states under a death threat from Katana's father for a real American wedding. They married December 23 and had a month long honeymoon before Justin and Katana returned to wrestling action.  In his first match back, Justin would suffer a knee injury in a match with Katana's father.  Justin's godmother, Katana's step-mother would perform the surgery allowing him to return to action in April 2010.

Favorite Match
Iron Man, Submission

Favorite Quotes
"The Prodigy is here."
"Whatever gets you through the night."
"Heh, it takes a lot to get me angry but you wouldn't like me angry."

Favorite Weapon
Barb wire wrapped Singapore cane, nunchucks, Katana sword

SEF Accomplishments
International Title

Justin has a katana sword inked on his spine with the kanji symbols for love, eternity, destiny inked on the blade. On his chest over his heart is Katana Tru on another sword. On his finger is a ring symbol with a K in the middle.

Ring Entrance
PRAYER begins to play. When the bassline kicks in pyro goes off in a row across the entry ramp with one dropping from the ceiling like a bomb.  Justin comes running out, pauses, then rips off his Oilers jersey and hat showing their autographed, then tosses them to the crowd.  He then makes his way down the aisle as Tina introduces him.

Now making his way to the ring, from Dallas Texas, weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds..........Justin Rodgers!

Justin climbs the steps and gets in the ring, then he goes to the top rope. Justin turns kinda old school Bret Hart except he's pointing.  He finally slips from the ring, finds a little kid who is cheering for him and pulls off his wrist band that is half Canadian Maple Leaf and half Old Glory.  He slips it onto the kid's arm, then turns and slides under the bottom rope.  He's fired up and he raises his arm in the middle of the ring yelling "Come On."  He removes his shirt and he has a black arm band that says "Forever Fox"  He touches it before slapping his chest three times before pointing up to the sky. Justin then bounces back and forth on the balls of his feet before dropping into a crouch waiting.


Stable Name
The Kindred

Tag Team
The Enforcers

Tag Partner
Matt Fox

Team Theme Music
I'm Not Afraid by Eminem

SEFZONE Merchandise
Tarnished Legacy T-shirt
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