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Date Posted:03-31-2011 6:36 PMCopy HTML

Jim Ross has posted a new blog at Here are the highlights…

On HBK Going Into The Hall of Fame: “Seeing HBK go into the WWE HOF is going to be particularly gratifying to me. After seeing @ShawnMichaels_ break into the business in Mid South Wrestling, I’ve seen the best and the worst of HBK. Traveling to San Antonio to visit with him about coming back to WWE after his 4+ year hiatus due to a back injury was one of the most profound trips of my career. It’s hard to believe that Shawn returned after such a long hiatus and from the first minute that he stepped back into the ring he was better than everyone else.”

On WrestleMania Tickets: “Even though Ticketmaster may indicate that there are no more tickets available for Sunday’s WM27, as a rule a few tickets or even a section or two often times become available when the production setup is completed. The Georgia Dome will be packed but some tickets may become available as the weekend progresses. I expect the gate to be in excess of $6M with north of 65,000 fans on hand. I could easily be low on both projections.”

On Terry Funk: “Word on the street, and not officially confirmed, is that Terry Funk, WWE HOF’er and a rather hardcore individual to this very day, will induct the originator of hardcore Abdullah the Butcher into the WWE Hall of Fame Saturday night at the sold out Phillips Arena. Some tickets may still be lingering for Saturday night’s event so check with Ticketmaster or the box office. With no TV time restraints, the inductor and inductee speeches should be classic.”

On His WrestleMania Assignment: “I have no ‘assignment’ for Sunday but I’m channeling Ricky Vaughn, Charlie Sheen’s character in the film ‘Major League,’ and assuming the role of the relief pitcher while standing by in the bullpen and ready to ‘throw the heater, Ricky’ if needed.”

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