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Date Posted:11-20-2010 9:37 PMCopy HTML

Grace Payne
"Divine Diva"

December 20th, 1989

Height / Weight
5'9" /

Greenwich, Connecticut

Theme Music
Anxiety by Black Eyed Peas

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
Fighting Fox
(Full Nelson Slam into Inverted Dragon Sleeper)

Trademark Moves
Forever Fox (Crippler Crossface), Fox Fire (three german suplexes and a koji clutch), The Pink Dragon [Dragon Sleeper], Electracution [Corkscrew 450 Splash], Voltage Drop [Vertebreaker], Shooting Star Press, Canadian Bomb [Flip Piledriver], Shocker [Superkick], PowerSurge [Standing Star Press], High Voltage [Top Rope Huricanrana], Lightning Bolt [Widow's Peak], Dark Sky [Roll of the Dice], Black Storm [Springboard Bulldog],  Unprettier, Hair Drag Face Buster, Chick Kick, Heart breaker (sitdown face slam), Suicide Blond (lionsault), Tornado DDT, Spinning Heel Kick, Spike Spear, Sit Down Powerbomb off Top Rope, Chop Block, Drop Toe Hold, Stratusfaction Bulldog, baseball slide, Senton Bomb, Moonsault, European Uppercut, handspring back elbow, standing huricanrana, poetry in motion, Over & Out, (diving plancha leg drop over the top rope), Olympic slam, Double leg takedown, suplex, European uppercut, Frog splash, Headbutt, Moonsault, Split Legged Moonsault, Rolling German suplex, Overhead belly to belly suplex,
Sharpshooter, Ankle Lock, Black Knight (Texas Cloverleaf), Canadian Maple Leaf, Ankle lock, sometimes followed by grapevining the opponent's leg, Crossface chickenwing, Bodyscissors, Rear naked choke, Triangle choke, Gracie Choke, Lights Out [Sleeper Hold]

Wrestling Style

Growing up the daughter of Kristin Fox and Johnny Payne has led Gracie to expect the finer things in life and the desire to train and study hard to ensure she gets everything she enjoys and wants.  She was an extremely bratty and spoiled child, this was further expounded upon by a step-mother (Kayla) who was and International model who treated her like a mini-me.  Gracie was an extremely bright child, the rare second child prodigy, following her older, much idolized brother Justin.  Always a pretty child, she wanted to be in pageants and competitions because she felt and was treated as being smarter and prettier than the other girls.  It wasn't until she was a teenager and in college {Yale} that other rich girls began to treat her as if she was crap.  After a horrid, almost tragic sorority initiation ritual that Gracie backed out of, further earning the scorn of her sorority sisters that began to change her.  A step that brought this sullen Daddy's girl into transferring school to live with her brother Justin.  She traveled with him for sometime before reconciling with her biological mother.  She began training with her one time favorite cousin, Maegan Fox, a new aunt, Taryn she didn't know she had, and a new friend Katana.  They revived a group known as the Fighting Foxes that Gracie' and Maegan's mothers had with Katana's step mother and godmother, The Fighting Foxes. Gracie graduated high school at 11, finished college at 16 with a double BS in Biology and Anatomy&Kinesology.  At Duke Med School she took their unique med school program to double in MD and Mph.  She postponed her internship with Katana's step-mom to sign with SEF.

Favorite Matches
Iron girl, Submission

Favorite Quotes
"I'm simply Divine."
"I'm a career killer, baby."

Her ring gear often matches her partners gear but has shiny spangles on it.  She likes clothes and likes to look good but for the post part likes only couture jeans, boots, and business suits.  The rest is whatever she likes and looks nice, even if its one of her boyfriend's button down shirts.  When she gets in the ring she has her long blond hair in a pony tail.


Gracie despises bullies especially after the unfortunate experience she had at Yale with some rich bitch sorority girls that damn near killed some girls who wish to pledge their sorority.  She was super involved with promoting all kinds of tolerance when she transferred to Duke.  She has three baby sisters, two {Gabby&Payton} with her mother and step-father, and one with her father {Isabella} and step-mother that she is extremely close to &protective of them.     

Ring Entrance

Manager & boyfriend:
Jayson Rage

The Kindred

Tag Team Name
Fighting Foxes

Tag Team Partner
Maegan Fox & Sara Taylor-Fox

Team Theme Music
Lil Ms Dangerous by Ted Nugent

Tag team move:

Heritage {Performed with one of her tag partner's.  Gracie locks an Ankle Lock while her partner imbolizes the upper portion of the body, usually with a Forever Fox Cross face}

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