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Date Posted:03-08-2015 3:24 AMCopy HTML

You heard it here first folks, but whether or not it is big news, major news, or just the latest run of the mill gossip like every other two bit iwc smark puts out there is what remains to be seen!?!?!?!?!?!?

One thing for sure is that you can damn sure bet to see The Showsteala show up on Showstoppa no matter what network it moves to cause the SEF World Heavyweight Champion is all over the world already.

And who knows who else will be there cause where Mack goes his wife, Elizabeth Marret, is always by his side like she has been for over thirteen years and counting up, up, up, and away.

We may even see Taylor Andrews over here cause the Golden Gal may be SEF Champion after Wrestle X!?!

No telling who you may see show up on Friday night Showstoppa, so tune in to find out right here live only on the Aimoo network!?!

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