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Date Posted:11-20-2010 9:10 PMCopy HTML

"The Fighting Foxes"

Sara Taylor-Fox, Grace Payne, & Maegan Fox-Silva

{faces: Sara is Trish, Grace is Lacey Von Erich, & Maegan is Michelle McCool}

Grace was born on Dec. 20, 1989.  Maegan was born on June 8, 1985.  Sara was born on July 4, 1979.

Height / Weight
Grace is 5'9, 140 lbs, Maegan is 5'7/125 lbs, and Sara is 5'6, 120 lbs.

Grace is from Greenich, CT.  Sara is billed from as now residing in Edmonton,Alberta by way of Cherry Point Marine Base in North Carolina.  Maegan is billed as currently residing in Dallas, Tx.

Theme Music
Little Miss Dangerous by Ted Nugent

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
Heritage {a combo move of two submissions at one time most likely a combo including The Forever Fox {Crossface}

Trademark Moves

The All-American Ankle lock {Ankle lock w/leg grape vine most often used by Grace & Sara} The Forever Fox {Crippler Crossface}, Fighting Fox (Full Nelson Slam into Inverted Dragon Sleeper), Fox Fire (three german suplexes and a koji clutch), Phantom Fate (Omoplata), Chick Kick, Bitch Kick {superkick}, Bitch Clamp {double chickenwing lift submission}, Heart breaker (sitdown face slam), Suicide Blond (lionsault), DragonSuplex, dragonscrew leg whip, Dragon DDT, Ankle Lock, Black Knight (Texas Cloverleaf), Canadian Maple Leaf, Sharpshooter, Lasso From El Paso (Elevated Texas cloverleaf or Modified side figure four leglock), Calgary Cloverleaf (rivera clover leaf)

Wrestling Style
The three have a unique dynamic as a team with each having their speciality.

Maegan & Gracie are cousins who were raised in the business.  They have the same paternal grandfather Michael Fox who is also a wrestler and turned business man making them third generation wrestlers.  Their parents also wrestled.  Maegan's parents Christopher & Kaitlyn Fox were killed in 2007 by a former rival of Christopher's causing her to leave SEF abruptly.  Maegan's twin brother Matt Fox also wrestles for SEF and is the owner/executive director of the FFE brand of SEF's wrestling company.  Maegan is married to FFE's Director of Security/martial arts master, Ash Silva.  Maegan playes soccer for Team Canada and Duke University.

Gracie's parents are Kristin Fox & Johnny Payne who were married for a few years before the couple divorced.  Johnny is a former Olympic style wrestling coach who now owns an MMA/Wrestling style training school & fed "SOS" in Tempe, Arizona.  Kristin is a sports agent and part time wrestler who also has other children who wrestle, most notably Gracie's older half brother Justin who also competes in SEF and Gabby who is now apart of the Dangerous Corporation.  Gracie is a child prodigy and put off her medical residency in order to come to SEF/FFE to wrestle.  She's dating Jayson Rage.

Sara Taylor-Fox is a former Military brat.  Her father was a Marine and her mother a Navy nurse.  She was once Gracie's Au Pair as she was a child prodigy herself.  Sara trained with Gracie and Maegan's mothers to wrestle.  She is a former Miss America runner up and winner of many fitness model competitions.  She is married to Matthew Fox, making her Maegan's sister-in-law & Gracie's cousin. 

All three attended Duke University with advanced degrees.  Maegan has an MS in Dietetrics and is a liscesned Nutritionist.  Gracie has a double BS in Biology and Kinesolgy, a Master's in Public Health, but has not done her medical residency.  Sara is a Pediatric Specialist, (MD) in Oncology/Hematology. 

Favorite Quote(s)
something your character says a lot, can have several if you like or if ya want, none, its optional

Favorite Weapon(s)
the weapon or weapons your character likes to use, if none just put your hands or feet or whatever, its optional

Favorite Match(s)

Primarily the three prefer Iron Girl Submission matches.

SEF Accomplishments
FFE Wildside Tag Team Champs, Dynasty Divas Tag Team champs

Indy Accomplishments
The girls have teamed together a lot and have won various individual and tag titles as a group.

While they have a tendency to use their familiy's money to go on shopping sprees.  Gracie loves ponytails and often wears her hair in them instead of getting her hair done. 

Maegan has several tats: a Phil and Lil Deville tat on her ankle, Ash on her ring finger, and a Canadian Maple leaf with the number 8 below her neck in between her shoulders. In the ring she wears white short shorts with a canadian maple leaf and red sparkle top. Outside the ring she wears many different outfits a she tries to keep up with top fashion trends.

Gracie is not so fashion concious.  She is more into being sporty and since she's with Rage she is more concerned with looking good rather than the price tag associated with her clothes.

Sara is more professional and likes tailored suits.  She also designs many of the outfits she wears to the ring.  Outside of the ring she is never without her wedding set that has crosses on it.  She has an M on her wedding ring and a pink and blue care bare on her shoulder with Kaitlyn and Owen scripted underneath them.

Ring Entrance
{"Little Miss Dangerous" by Ted Nugent plays.  The arena gets dark and smoky with red and blue lazer lights strobing.  The tron turns on with a few second introduction of each of the girls before showing the three of them coming to the ring.  With a burst of pyro and with sparks of red and blue raining around them the three come to the ring.  Maegan and Grace are on each side of Sara with their tag titles raised high.  The girls walk to the ring each wearing Forever Fox arm bands. Rage comes out after them dressed in black cargo pants and a black & blue Kindred shirt with the sleeves cut off to reveal he's wearing a black Forever Fox arm band.}

The Ring Announcer announces: "Coming to the ring at this time being accompanied by Jayson Rage, The FFE Wildside Tag Team Champions, The Fighting Foxes!"

{They then get on opposite turn buckles with the one who is not defending the tag title on the bottom rope.  They pose similar to the Beautiful People when they were defending the Knockouts tag titles under Free Bird rules minus the triple bi-kiss.  Gracie does get a kiss from Rage before he drops to the floor.}

While they all hate bullies, a situation in Gracie's past makes her absolutely abhor bullies.  They are very tight with their family and very protective of people who can not protect themselves or who are getting attacked by several ppl.

Team Name/Tag Team Partner(s)/Manager/Valet/Signifigant Other

Stable: The Kindred

Maegan is married to Ash Silva.

Sara is married to Matt Fox.

Gracie is dating Jayson Rage.

The Fighting Foxes are managed by Jayson Rage.

Team Theme Music
Stable theme is "I'm Not Afraid" by Eminem.

Team Finisher/bio
see above

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