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Date Posted:02-17-2011 2:57 AMCopy HTML

Character Name
Fay Grimm


Height / Weight


Theme Music
Barney Theme Song(I Love U version)

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
Grimm Reminder - Mandible Claw

Trademark Moves 
1] Hell's Gate
2] Foot Choke
3] Diamond Cutter

Wrestling Style

Born Fay Alexandra Grimm. She is the only child of Johnny & Alexandra Grimm. Her personality is of the demented sort. One minute she is smiling at you and not saying a word. And then she could just unleash on you at a drop of a hat. She is mentally disturbed. Has a sick mind. Once poured a cup of piss in someone's popcorn and just laughed at them when they unwillingly did not know she did this

Favorite Quote(s)

Favorite Weapon(s)
Anything that is not tied down

Favorite Match(s)
Extreme or brutal matches

SEF Accomplishments
put down what you accomplished in SEF and if ya don't remember I will edit the profile and add it

Indy Accomplishments
any title your character won outside of SEF, optional of course

See Picture

Ring Entrance
The commercial ends and The Barney Song comes on the PA System. Fay Grimm comes skipping out, as the fans are a bit confused at to what's going on. She comes down near the ring and does a dosey doe with the camera guy. She slides into the ring and skips around the ring screaming her lungs out

If you encounter her, make sure she is played as being very random and strange. E.G.- Fay might approach someone and just randomly say things like"I masterbate to my teddy bear all night because he loves me" or "Crayons are magical delicious". Also make sure you play her as being very psychotic, in a sense she will smile at you and then just scream in your ears and might just viciously attack you without you knowing what you did to get her to that point.

Her Manager/Doctor is Dr. Pain(Stevie Richards face pic)
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