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Date Posted:11-25-2010 1:00 AMCopy HTML

Aaron is faced by Josh and Wyatt by Matt Striker
Character Name

Aaron Delafontaine and Wyatt Benson

date your character was born, must be between 16 and 66 in SEF

Height / Weight
keep it real and refelecting to your wrestling style /
same as height, keep it real


Wyatt is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Aaron is from Belaire, California.

Theme Music
this is what we only allow one of and do your research as to who has used what theme in the past or what show in SEF has used what theme as it needs to be unique

Pro Debut

Finishing Move

Trademark Moves


Wrestling Style


Wyatt wrestled briefly but he injured his neck so badly that he could no longer continue in the ring.  He is a graduate of NYU with an MA in Communications with a BA in journalism.  He wrestled collegiate and briefly in ROH and Toronto Championship where he won a few titles but did more outside of the ring training wrestlers.  He interested in giving FFE a voice in SEF magazine, if they do not have the circulation to have their own.  He previously dated Taryn Fox.  Even though Wyatt can no longer wrestle, he will not back down if he is attacked.  He is training in Brazillian Ju Jit Su.

Aaron is a cocky little rich kid punk who attended Princeton.  He has a little history with Gracie Payne as the brother of one of the sorority girls that had Gracie beaten up in her sophomore year of college. He has quite a few credits in television production and communications but believes why get a degree when his family money is more than adequate to provide him with more money that he can spend in a life time. 

Favorite Quote(s)
something your character says a lot, can have several if you like or if ya want, none, its optional

Favorite Weapon(s)

Favorite Match(s)
the match or if ya have several, matches you fit best in, the environment you like best to wrestle in, name as many as you like and name any you may have created, name them all, just may see them used here, again this is also optional

SEF Accomplishments

Indy Accomplishments
Wyatt is a former TCW World Heavyweight champion, a 5x 24/7 hardcore champ, and a former TCW television champion


Aaron always wears suits, polo shirts/slacks, and etc.  He also wears extremely expensive Italian loafers.  Wyatt is more laid back.  He wears button downs/jeans and if the occasion calls for it a sports coat.

Ring Entrance
try not go too overboard with this as I am just looking for how your character reacts when coming out, how you want him portrayed, so this is more a rough idea for me to use in results, anything too over the top will be edited by myself and I may just write a new entrance for ya, so keep it real, keep in line and in tune with wrestling

this is anything you may want to include, can be several things, whatever extra details you want to include, its your character after all, give me what info you feel is necessary for me not to make your character look bad in your eyes, after all, you know them, I don't, so tell me who your character is as I have to write results using them, so what you don't tell me I don't know

Team Name/Tag Team Partner(s)/Manager/Valet/Signifigant Other
if you have
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