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Date Posted:12-19-2010 2:29 AMCopy HTML

So FFE and Wildside are no more and the Transcontinental Title was actually brought back to SEF on the past Extreme before FFE even closed. Its back as the North American Title and the Wildside Tag Champs are defending their belts tomorrow at Violent Conduct which earns them a shot at the World Tag Titles. Awaiting them are Destruction who have been on a warpath, plus who knows what other team as this is open to all! Tomorrow is also the War Games between Impact X and the Dangerous Corporation with the World Heavyweight Title on the line and we got even more matches than that. To check them all out click here and to see what happened on the past Extreme click here. Emerging from the ashes of FFE is a new promoter working right from inside SEF itself producing a second show with a new concept it seems. Its called Mayhem and its on Thursday Nights, no scheduled time yet, but keep posted by clicking here and don’t forget we got more EXTREME action this Monday following the pay per view, so check that card out here

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