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Date Posted:11-27-2010 11:44 PMCopy HTML

David Michael Taylor
"Canadian Made"

{faced by Robert Roode/ffe exclusive}

Jan 8, 1978

Height / Weight
6'3, 245

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Theme Music
Nameless by {whoever Fozzy borrowed it from}

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
Canadian Maple Leaf
(Texas Clover Leaf.)

Trademark Moves
Calgary Clover leaf (Rivera Cloverleaf} Canadian Crab {half boston Crab}, Great White Bomb {Spinning powerbomb}, Great White Buster, {christopher daniels angels wings}, Northern Lariat (Running lariat to the back of an opponent's neck), Bridging cradle suplex, rolling cutter or a swinging neckbreaker, Diving knee drop, Diving neckbreaker, Spinning spinebuster, Frog splash, Hangman's neckbreaker, Spinning powerbomb, Rolling neck snap, Rotating belly to back side slam, frog splash, Unprettier, (Inverted double underhook facebuster, sometimes from the second rope), Dropkick,sometimes from the top rope, Fireman's carry gutbuster, Flapjack, Flashpoint (Diving European uppercut), Inverted facelock backbreakr, Pendulum kick from out of the corner, as a counter to an oncoming opponent, Sitout inverted suplex slam, Spear, Springboard from out of the corner into either a plancha, or a twisting sunset flip, 
Multiple DDT variations:

Falling inverted
Inverted tornado

Wrestling Style

David trained first in Toronto at Sully's Gym trainer of Christian, Edge, and Trish Stratus.  He would later make his way over to Border City Wrestling and train with Scott D'Amore before training with the Blue Bloods in Atlanta where he would feud with Blind Rage and Squire David Taylor because he didn't feel the legend deserve to share the same name as he did.  He failed and the Squire kicked him out of the training program.

David would then leave and tour England with British Stampede before jumping ship to PCWF Global.  There he would undergo a face turn as he would save Drew Fox from being jumped by six masked wrestlers from the Inoki Genome Federation during a cross over promotion.  He is now still a very proud Canadian but is trying, now that he is back state side to be more mindful that he's not always going to be in Canadian

Favorite Quote(s)
"I'm Canadian Made, baby!"

Favorite Weapon(s)
the weapon or weapons your character likes to use, if none just put your hands or feet or whatever, its optional

Favorite Match(s)
the match or if ya have several, matches you fit best in, the environment you like best to wrestle in, name as many as you like and name any you may have created, name them all, just may see them used here, again this is also optional

SEF Accomplishments

Indy Accomplishments
1/2 PCWF Global Champions with Sage Black

He likes hockey jerseys and red and white wind suits when working out or preparing to head to the ring.  As a face its generally the hometown team closest to the town he's performing in.  Outside of the ring he wears casual business suits, sometimes jeans, and a t-shirt that says Can-Am Connection which is his tag team with Sage Black.

Ring Entrance
Nameless hits as David Michael Taylor comes out with a random hot chick on his arm as his tag partner, Sage Black comes out in jeans, Can Am Connection shirt, black cowboy hat, and black wrap around sunglasses.  He has his long hair pulled back in a ponytail.  As they come down to the ring, he smacks the ass of his girlfriend Rachel, who is works both as an interviewer and ring gear.


this is anything you may want to include, can be several things, whatever extra details you want to include, its your character after all, give me what info you feel is necessary for me not to make your character look bad in your eyes, after all, you know them, I don't, so tell me who your character is as I have to write results using them, so what you don't tell me I don't know

Team Name/Tag Team Partner(s)/Manager/Valet/Signifigant Other

Tag Team Name: Can Am Connection

Tag partner Sage Black

Sage is dating FFE interview girl Rachel

Team Theme Music

Team Finisher

Team Bio
optional, only fill out if you have a stable or your apart of one

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