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Date Posted:11-27-2010 10:24 PMCopy HTML

Dante Mackenzie

"The Scottish Assassin"
{faced by Batista}

April 16, 1974

Height / Weight
6'6 300 lbs

Lockerbie, Scotland

Theme Music
Slay Me by Dale Oliver

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
Death Warrant (Omogoplata submission)

Trademark Moves

Ankle lock toe hold, sometimes while also locking in the Achilles tendon, Guillotine choke,Rear naked choke, Heel hook, Jumping calf kick, Inverted Dragon Sleeper, Delayed Vertical Suplex, Texas Cloverleaf, Cradle suplex, Key lock,Kneebar,Side belly to belly suplex,Roundhouse kick,Running powerslam,Arm drag often followed by a submission hold,Crucifix,Camel clutch,Clothesline, sometimes with high impact,Diving crossbody
Dropkick,Hanging vertical suplex, exploder suplex, death valley driver, rings of saturn submission, Headbutt, sometimes in a series while trapping the opponent's arms,Military press drop, Running powerbomb
Running shoulder block,Shoot kick to the head of a kneeling or seated opponent, Surfboard

Wrestling Style
Mostly Raw Power/submission

Dante got into the business late and since he's older than the average wrestler, he pushes himself to literally beat the brains out of the opponents he is faced with.

He trained with Irish Whip Wrestling often been put in the ring with young guys like Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and Drew Fox, and pounded the shit out of each and everyone of them.  He has a tendency to be stiff in the ring and as far as training new wrestlers, he teaches them to suck it up and take it.

Favorite Quote(s)
something your character says a lot, can have several if you like or if ya want, none, its optional

Favorite Weapon(s)
the weapon or weapons your character likes to use, if none just put your hands or feet or whatever, its optional

Favorite Match(s)
the more brutal the better

SEF Accomplishments
put down what you accomplished in SEF and if ya don't remember I will edit the profile and add it

Indy Accomplishments
He's been a champ in Irish Whip, NWA UK, British Stampede, and PCWF Global. Either as a hw or some form of hardcore champ

In the ring he wears black and red gear: underwear style pleather tights, elbow/knee pads, and boots.  Outside of the ring he prefers jeans, beaters, and blazers.  Although, his girlfriend Sierra has him wearing suits more often now.

Ring Entrance
try not go too overboard with this as I am just looking for how your character reacts when coming out, how you want him portrayed, so this is more a rough idea for me to use in results, anything too over the top will be edited by myself and I may just write a new entrance for ya, so keep it real, keep in line and in tune with wrestling

this is anything you may want to include, can be several things, whatever extra details you want to include, its your character after all, give me what info you feel is necessary for me not to make your character look bad in your eyes, after all, you know them, I don't, so tell me who your character is as I have to write results using them, so what you don't tell me I don't know

Team Name/Tag Team Partner(s)/Manager/Valet/Signifigant Other

SEF and FFE competitor

SEF Valet/girlfriend Sierra (FFE's ring announcer}

FFE he has no valet

Stable: Team FFE

Team Theme Music
I'm Not Afraid by Eminem

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