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Date Posted:11-25-2010 1:38 AMCopy HTML

Danielle Delafontaine


Height / Weight



Belaire, California.

Theme Music
"It Sucks to Be You" by Prozzac

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
Sweet Rapture [Hair pull into a DDT]

Trademark Moves

Heartbreaker Face Slam, Suicide Blond (lionsault), Chick Kick, Arm drag off the rope, double leg takedown, bitch slap, hair pull, eye gouge, Low Blow, Boob punch, Stratusfaction Bulldog, Spike DDT, Front Face Lock, Supergirl Punch

Wrestling Style


 Dani's family is old money.  She only got into wrestling to get on the nerves of her longtime rival Gracie Payne, including getting involved in an NXT/Diva Search type competition.  She bribed and threatened other competitors in order to get Kristin Fox as her 'Pro' in late 2004.  She would not debut until 2005 in a heated rivalry with Maegan Fox-Silva.  In 2007, she was Dusty O'Bannon's maid of honor in her wedding to Knox O'Bannon.

Until recently Dani has been wrestling in all female organizations such as Shimmer, GLOW, and Queens of Chaos in France.

Favorite Quote(s)
Sucks to be You

Favorite Weapon(s)

Favorite Match(s)
Any matches that she can cheat in.

SEF Accomplishments

Indy Accomplishments
Dani won the DZWA Rookie Diva Competition in 2005.  She is a former 2x winner of the Queens of Chaos title.


If its not extremely expensive Dani will not wear it.  She has modeled when she has gotten bored and appeared in one or two pictorials as a Victoria Secret Angel. 

Ring Entrance
I'll work on this but its similar to Melina's papparazzi style entrance.


Dani is extremely self-centered.  She also likes to name drop, not wrestling names but of famous people that she claims to know.

Team Name/Tag Team Partner(s)/Manager/Valet/Signifigant Other
if you have

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