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Date Posted:12-28-2010 2:41 AMCopy HTML

Character Name
Cactus Sac


Height / Weight


Theme Music
Mr. Bang Bang

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
Double Arm DDT

Trademark Moves 
Mandible Claw

Wrestling Style
Hardcore Brawler

Fick Moley aka Cactus Sac is the carbon copy of Cactus Jack/Mick Foley right down to the lame puns and jokes to the sadistical hardcore style that he has during his matches.

Favorite Quote(s)
Bang Bang!

Favorite Weapon(s)
2X4 wrapped in Barbed Wire

Favorite Match(s)
Anything that would shed blood and break bodies

SEF Accomplishments
put down what you accomplished in SEF and if ya don't remember I will edit the profile and add it

Indy Accomplishments
any title your character won outside of SEF, optional of course

See Picture

Ring Entrance
Mr. Bang Bang plays as Cactus Sac comes out,raising his fist in the air and then giving the BANG BANG signature taunt with his fingers. He walks down to the ring and rolls inside and then gets up, doing another BANG BANG signature taunt before he grins and gives the thumbs up while nodding his head. The fans cheer for him as the bell rings.

Cactus Sac is a spinoff of Cactus Jack/Mick Foley
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