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Angelyn Williams

April 18th, 1987

Height / Weight

Los Angeles, California

Theme Music
Saints of Los Angeles - Motley Crue

Pro Debut
November 18th, 2010

Finishing Move
Angels and Saints [Crucifix Powerbomb DDT]
Angelyn poses to the crowd while her opponent begins to slowly stir, Angelyn then walks over to her opponent, blowing a kiss before grabbing her opponent and putting them in the Crucifix Powerbomb. She holds them in the air for as long as she can, before spinning them around in mid-air, hitting a DDT.

Trademark Moves
And Ashes Will Fall [Standing Crucifix Cradle]
Lost Angel [Enziuri]
Dance All Night [Tilt-A-Whirl turned into head scissors]
Crucifix Armbar
Elevated Double Chickenwing
Russian Leg Sweep
Running Bulldog
Swinging Neckbreaker

Wrestling Style
Mixed. She's a good girl, so you'll never find her cheating. She wants to have fun, and she doesn't care if she wins or loses. The only time you'll ever catch Angelyn cheating is if someone else get's involved, then she's going to get involved. Like for an example, if her friend is in the ring and someone that's not involved in the match, gets into the ring, then Angelyn will get in the ring. If someone's standing outside helping their friend, Angelyn will go over to where the person is standing and make sure the person doesn't interfere anymore.


Favorite Quote(s)

Favorite Weapon(s)
She uses her body as a weapon, she never cheats.

Favorite Match(s)
She's not picky, but she doesn't like gimmick matches such as Bra & Panties, ect.. She does however, like contest matches..

SEF Accomplishments

Indy Accomplishments


Ring Attire:
. . .
Street Attire: . . .

Ring Entrance
Angelyn loves blowing kisses to the fans as she makes her way down the ramp, and she'll even slap hands with the fans, high five them, or pose with them.


Team Name/Tag Team Partner(s)/Manager/Valet/Significant Other

Team Theme Music

Team Finisher

Team Bio
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