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Jay Steve
"The Total Impact" Jay Steve

September 11, 1987 (23)

Height / Weight

Orlando, Fl

Theme Music
Impact By Daft Punk

Pro Debut

Finishing Move
001. -Total Impact (Shining Wizard)
002. -Total Tap-Out (Tequila Sunrise)

Trademark Moves 
001. -Superman Splash! (Stinger Splash)
002. -Hurricanranna
003. -Spining Wheel Kick
004. -Moonsault
005. -Samoan Drop Into Swinging Cutter
006. -Double Underhook Pile-Driver
007. -Running STO
008. -Rebound Dropkick
009. -Kip-Uprana
010. -TKO (Angel Wings)
011. -Back-Stabber
012. -Pele Kick
013. -Florida 2-Step (Texas Coverleaf)
014. -Impact (Superkick)
015. -Major Impact (Barry White Driver)
016. -Impactonator (C4)-Huge Pop From Crowd
017. -High Impact (Axe Kick)
018. -Total Submit (Rings Of Saturn)

Wrestling Style
Jay Steve is one of the most creative and inventor wrestlers in the worlds. He is well known for his luchadore style in the ring from Mexico. While in Mexico Jay Steve wrestled some of the best luchadore wrestlers as he began to adapt that style. He is well known for his lethal submission moves to tap out any opponent. Also, Jay Steve enjoys using his kickboxing moves and is very smart using his legs. Ultimately, Jay Steve is very dirty and has good ring psychology. He can fake any opponent or trick them using dirty moves for a cheap win; For example, eye raking, pulling tights for leverage and using weapons. Lastly, Jay Steve is a risk taker and doesn't mind destroying his body in the process with high aerial moves.

 Legend in the making explains "The Total Impact" Jay Steve.You can explain him as a dynamic, flamboyant, charasmatic and most of all a dominate wrestler."The Total Impact" is the fastest star to reach status as a hall of famer.Many complain he is only twenty one and isnt even in his prime yet.But many wrestling promoters consider him as a hall of famer.The name "Total Impact" came from a wrestler who just recently past away RukuS Makavoli.He was an inspiration and a father to Jay Steve.RukuS Makavoli trained Jay Steve in Orlando,Florida since Jay was seventeen years old.During that time Jay was being trained and he wrestled all around Florida.Jay wrestled in diffrent independent promitions such as BANG! wrestling,NWA southside and NWA Florida.He wrestled in those companies forawhile until finally Jay made an Impact with the help of his manager Voli Vuitton.He met Voli while Rukus Makavoli was training him in Orlando,Florida.After wrestling for three years and training  hard every month.Jay Steve becamed known as the best damned indy wrestler of all time.Soon Jay becamed a shining star after many wrestling companies were intrested in him such as NWA-TNA,WWA,IWA,WWEA, and the WWE-W.Jay Steve couldnt believe how many pro wrestling companies wanted him.He was aiming for NWA-TNA since they were in his home townOrlando,Florida.But NWA-TNA wasnt getting any National viwers across the world.So Jay decided to sign with the WWE-W and he did.Once Jay Steve debuted in the WWE-W he began making an IMPACT ever week.he debuted with a freind he met with the help of RukuS Makavoli.his freind is known as Robbie Stunts and with Robbie Stunts by his side he formed "The Impact Players".The Impact Players reach the status as the best faction ever created in pro wrestling history.The Impact Players recruited good talent and they were taking Smackdown by storm.Down the road Jay Steve really shine as he became the new World Champion.After beating every single opponent in a battle royal on Smackdown!.Jay Steve winning strike becamed unexplainable to top that off with his new World title.two weeks later Jay Steve had problems with the mangement.When he had a run in with former WWE-W Heavyweight Champion Chris Kleen.It was backstage during a pay per veiw and that feud escladed into Jay Steve leaving the company and his World title aswell.In the summer of 2005 Jay Steve made a suprising return back to the WWE-W.When he attacked Chris Kleen and invaded RAW.That night Jay Steve was arrested and kick out of the building order by Vince Mcmahon himself.During that time the internet was running wild about Chris Kleen attacking Jay Steve in the WWEA during an house show.Sources said Jay Steve wanted to face Chris Kleen but Chris hasnt accepted his offer his.As of right now Jay Steve is rumored to return back to the WWE-W any time soon and he did. Once he did WWE-W didn't last in the year of 2006 and 2007. Also, In 2006 he wrestled for WWE-WIABA and WWE:NB where the fed didn't last aswell as he became he best winning major titles in both companies.. "The Total impact" Jay Steve wrestled in WWE-W up until the mid of December in 2006 and then he moved onto WWE-Eperience. In WWE-Experience he met up with Chris Kleen and Chris Kleen did defeat him at a pay per view. During WWE-Experience "The Total impact" Jay Steve and Chris Kleen feud hard evenmore up until Jay Steve won the last fight between them. After that Chris Kleen departed from WWE-E as Jay Steve shine to gain the WWE-E World Title. Once he gain that Title Jay Steve wrestled in WCW aswell. In WCW he went onto become the WCW Champion defeating four men in a fatal fourway match. Then on Jay steve was a double Champion and he was the consider the best wrestler in 2007. After WWE-E was bankrupt Jay Steve decided to vacant his WCW World title as he signed a contract with WWA. In WWA "The Total Impact" Jay Steve was back as he went undefeated for thirteen matches in a row and finally capturing th WWA World title. During the summer of 2007 WWA went bankrupt and that left Jay Steve without a wrestling company again, so far in Jay Steve's career every wrestling company has been bankrupt. The year is 2007 and the summer is almost over and Jay Steve has been in and out of wrestling companies for a short term because those federations are not that good enough. Moreover, Jay Steve's manager Voli Vuitton has taken a short vacation from managing Jay Steve and the wrestling world itself. Right now, Jay steve has been looking for a wrestling company since the summer and now he has finally found a home by signing with Ring Of Honor in December of 2007.  Jay Steve was with Ring Of Honor until May as he signed with KSCW. In KSCW wrestling on the WHW and Overdrive brand he felt misused as he soon left KSCW. After leaving KSCW he signed with WCW on July 12, 2008 which is the next step in his wrestling career. In WCW Jay Steve elevated his career even more, but was in a car accident after a WCW house show. This horrific car accident put him out of the wrestling business for good. Once Jay Steve fully recovered in January of 2010 he beging working on his body again. Jay Stever trained for nine months as he signed a new contract with KSCW on the Genocide brand. There has always been controversy with KSCW since 2008. On October 24, 2010 Jay Steve filed an complaint on a KSCW wrestler for racial re-marks, but the manager didn't care and didn't resolved the issue. Moreover, Jay Steve took that comment offensive against Cory Hunter as Jay Steve decided to quit KSCW for good. The same day Jay Steve quit SKCW he signed a new contract with HRW (Hollywood Revolution Wrestling). Once SKCW heard Jay Steve signed with HRW for some strange reason Jay Steve was released from HRW. Furthermore, SKCW and HRW are partners in the wrestling industry. On October 30, 2010 Jay Steve has signed with Dead Zone Wrestling and he will debut on DZW's show Necrovision. Unfortunately, Jay Steve didn't have a good vibe within DZW because he looked at DZW's style weird and unorthdox. Jay Steve has been in all different wrestling organizations from October of 2010. Finally, on November 11, 2010 Jay Steve was contacted by Glory Wrestling Association and officially signed a long-term deal. On December 12,2010, Jay Steve has signed another contract to wrestler for SEF/FFE since GWA has been on a budget with wrestling appearances. He is now wrestling with SEF/FFE full time until GWA can offer him a better contract.

Favorite Quote(s)
"Making an impact is not an option, It's simply ME!"

Favorite Weapon(s)
Black baseball

Favorite Match(s)
Ladder match
Steel Cage Match

SEF Accomplishments

Indy Accomplishments
1x WWA World Champion
1x WWE-E Champion
1x WCW World Champion
WWE:NB World Champion
1x WWE-WIABA Intercontinental Champion, 
3x WWE-WIABA Hardcore Champion
1x WWE-W Hardcore Champ,
1x WWE-W World 
1x WWEA Tag Team Champ,
1x WWEA IC Champ
,2x AWA IC Champ
WWE-W Hall Of Famer
WWE:NB Hall Of Famer
Last WWA World Champion, WWE-E Champion
In WWA was undefeated for 13 matches
Has won over six world titles in f
ive federation

Battle Royal (3-3)

Jay Steve enjoys wearing classy clothes from suits custom made fitted for him only.Also, he has a  collection of the finest jewelry that money can buy. Jay Steve expresses the importance of looking like a smooth,style,stud. Furthermore, Jay Steve inside the ring attire consists of custom made tights with his trademark logo. In addition, he has kick pads which is very popular in this generation. Plus, Jay Steve has elbow pads and knee pads to match his wrestling attire.

Ring Entrance
The arena is dark as smoke clears the entrance ramp as you can see lightning flicker on and off. Suddenly "Impact" By Daft Punk blares on the sound system as the crowd gets ruckus in the entire arena. Out of nowhere pyro and fire works blare at the entrance ramp as "The Total Impact" Jay Steve slowly walks out looking like a million dollars.

He goes by the name "The Total Impact" Jay Steve as his name speaks for itself. You want cocky and arrogant combination well your looking at the master of that art. "The Total Impact" Jay Steve doesn't waist anytime to make himself known he enjoys making an impact and his very athletic in the ring. Matter of fact, Jay Steve is truly a great competitor who always wrestle every match as if it's his last ever. You want ratings than add "The Total Impact" Jay Steve to your card because he is the entire show and everyone will anticipate his appearance or what he will do next. Making an impact one body at a time is 'The Total Impact" Jay Steve's motto.
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