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Date Posted:11-20-2010 11:51 PMCopy HTML

Pro Debut
The Kindred formed at Wildside #1 on October 27, 2010 in New Orleans, LA

Finishing Move
Each individual member has their own move but the team move is "Heritage" {combo submission where a Forever Fox crossface is applied to the upper part of the body while either an ankle lock or a Black Knight [texas cloverleaf] is applied to the lower body}

Trademark Moves

have extra finishers, they go here as do any other move your character performs a lot whether submission or not

Wrestling Style

The group is crossing training each other in techical, flying, and striker style of wrestling/


The Kindred are all related by blood or marriage with the exception of Jayson & Sean Rage.  He is dating Grace Payne, managing the Fighting Foxes, and his father is best friends with Grace's father.  Sean recently joined as one of their rookies they are training but is only related to Jayson.  Unofficially, Johnny Camaro is a member of the Kindred and is dating Milan DeSantos.  Camaro is the only member of the Kindred who didn't grow up with the rest of the group although he is good friends with Justin Rodgers.

The main part of the stable is The Fox Family and they are all third generation wrestlers via their grandfather, Michael Fox and both parents.   

Matthew & Maegan Fox are fraternal twins.  They shared joint custody of their younger sister Emma until 2010 when she turned 18.

Justin Rodgers and his younger half sister Grace Payne are members of the Kindred. They have the same mother, Kristin Fox-Rodgers.

Jagger Silva is Justin's half brother from a previous relationship Justin's father had.

The Fox Family are joined by another family via Jennifer Paige Matthews.  Her daughters are Tao Inoki, Milan DeSantos, Journey DeSantos, her step daughters Katana & Cheyenne Matthews, and a one time foster son, Ash Silva.

Maegan Fox is married to Ash Silva.  They are raising the son they have together and Ash's daughter from his previous marriage.

Justin Rodgers is married to Katana Matthews.  The two are expecting twins in Feburary 2011.

Jagger Silva is married to Journey DeSantos.

Favorite Quote(s)
something your character says a lot, can have several if you like or if ya want, none, its optional

Favorite Weapon(s)
the weapon or weapons your character likes to use, if none just put your hands or feet or whatever, its optional

Favorite Match(s)
the match or if ya have several, matches you fit best in, the environment you like best to wrestle in, name as many as you like and name any you may have created, name them all, just may see them used here, again this is also optional

SEF Accomplishments

Justin is a former SEF International Champion.  Maegan & Grace were the second people to hold the Dynasty Divas Tag belts but dropped them when they won the FFE Wildside Tag titles.

Indy Accomplishments
Multiple Champs in various feds, mostly those owned by their family


The most significant appearance is the fact that Katana Matthews-Rodgers is six months pregnant with twins and is one of the Wildside Commentators.  Several members are inked or pierced, for these please view their individual stats pages.  For the most part if they are together at an arena and not in their ring gear they will either be wearing a Forever Fox t-shirt or a Kindred T-shirt.  If they are in ring gear or working out they will have a Forever Fox arm band.

Ring Entrance:

Eminem's "I'm not afraid" plays as the lights in the arena lower so that blue lazer lights strobe around the arena while shots of blue and silver pyro goes off.  The tron is on as a K in a circle comes on the screen as if rising from a pool of black water.  The K in the circle is blue with the circle being a mixture of the two.  Lighting bolts go off making the tron take on a shimmery look.  Kindred is written around the circle in white standing out againist the black and blue of the rest of the screen.  More lightening goes off of the screen changing the screen to appear like an electrical storm.  A shot of pyro goes off and as the smoke clears the Kindred comes out led first by Matt Fox with Justin Rodgers barely a step behind him.  They are wearing gear that marks them as "The Enforcers," of the Kindred.  The gear is black and electric blue but Matt's are pants and Justin's are knee length trunks.  Justin is wearing kick pads with the Kindred logo.  Shortly after they are joined by the Wildside Tag Champs, "The Fighting Foxes."  Maegan and Grace are dressed in black and electric blue gear with shiny spangles on the top.  The waist band is a white and dark blue with their names across the front.  Similar to their brothers, Maegan has long pants and Grace has shorts, although Gracie's are super short.  Grace is wearing a peek-a-boo backless ring top and Maegan's is bikini top style with crosses.  One leg of Maegan's gear says Faith with the t a celtic cross and the other says "Fox."  They are then followed out by the Kindred Tag team known as 'Black Rage," Jayson Rage and Jagger Silva.  They both are wearing the electric blue and black knee length trunks like Justin's but have black leather vests with the Kindred logo on the back.

The Ring Announcer now begins to raise her microphone, "Coming to The Ring at this time and featuring the FFE Wildside Tag Team Champions, The Fighting Foxes, they are The Kindred."

Behind them, Journey comes out with Milan. They are followed by a cute little blond cheerleader type, their step sister, Cheyenne.  Journey is dressed punk rock chick, all of her piercings in place with very low cut black leather pants and a one shoulder halter top in a shiny vinyl top w/Kindred scripted across it.  Milan is dressed in a suede mini pleated skirt and a matching midriff baring top with Kindred across the top but has a tiny bolo style jacket proclaiming her to be property of the Overdrive Reprise.  Cheyenne is dressed more cheerleader style including the capri spandex pants underneath the cheerleader skirt.

They stand on the ring ramp briefly.  Most of them are wearing Black Forever Fox armbands.}

They are a very protective and tight knit group.  Cheyenne Matthews and Sean Rage are rookies and are only signed with FFE as developmental talent.  Matt Fox is the owner/executive director of FFE and has many of his family working there.  To stay unbias, Tao Inoki is not competing for either roster but is working as the General Manager for FFE.  Tao is dating SEF Super Manager and legend Viper. 

Team Name/Tag Team Partner(s)/Manager/Valet/Signifigant Other

Tag Teams within the Kindred are:

The Fighting Foxes {Maegan Fox-Silva, Sara Taylor-Fox, & Grace Payne} FFE Tag champs

The Enforcers {Matt Fox & Justin Rodgers}

Black Rage {Jayson Rage & Jagger Silva}

The Hell Catz {Milan & Journey Desantos}

Sara manages The Enforcers

Rage manages The Fighting Foxes

Journey manages Black Rage

Cheyenne valets for the Hell Catz

Matt & Sara (married)

Ash & Maegan (married)

Justin & Katana (married)

Jagger & Journey (married)

Milan DeSantos & Johnny Camaro (dating)

Jayson Rage & Grace Payne (dating)

Tao Inoki & Viper (dating)

Team Theme Music
"I'm Not Afraid" by Eminem

Team Finisher

Heritage {double submission. A black Knight or Ankle lock combined with a Forever Fox Cross Face.}

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