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Date Posted:03-31-2011 7:06 PMCopy HTML

-- Ernest "The Cat" Miller was visiting with the WWE crew yesterday.

-- Due to Snooki's involvement with the WWE press conference yesterday, WWE got a lot of mainstream media coverage today. That is obviously what the company was hoping for.

-- The New York Daily News has an article up on Snooki's involvement with WrestleMania, which you can read at

-- The Baltimore Sun has a Q&A up with Randy Orton, which you can read at Here is an excerpt where he discusses CM Punk… "That's true. He was already known – he had done a lot of the Ring of Honor and local independent-type stuff in the Midwest, and he had done some traveling. He was somewhat well-known on an independent level, and I think when he first got called up, he had a lot going against him. He had to prove his worth – we all have to. Some of us have it easier than others. My father got my foot in the door, but eventually it's up to the performer to prove themselves, and he definitely proved himself. He's a multiple world champion; he's got the background; he's got the dedication. He won the Money in the Bank years before, and he cashed it in, won the championship – he's done well for himself. But when it comes to CM Punk, I think as far as talent goes, as far as determination on setting a goal and accomplishing that goal, he is nothing – nothing – compared to me when it comes to getting the job done and performing at that level. I have way more experience than he does performing in front of these kinds of crowds, and I'm going to have the crowd on my side, so he's got the odds against him going into this thing no matter what way you look at it. And not only that, he's not going to have the rest of his team – The New Nexus – which is pretty much not even in existence anymore. I have completely put that to an end. But it's just him; no one has his back at WrestleMania XXVII. And that's going to be good for me because it's just man to man, toe to toe, me and CM Punk in the ring, nobody else, no interference, and it's going to go my way."

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